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River Shuttle LogoCharm Shuttles had been the #1 customer and guide recommended river shuttle company in the Roaring Fork Valley and Lower Colorado River Valley since 1994. We have over 20 years of reliable vehicle and trailer transport delivery experience. We service a 60 mile radius of river including shuttles on both the Roaring Fork River and Colorado River. We are experienced, reliable, safe, and provide excellent YEAR ROUND customer service. Give us a call and find out why we are a household name among local fly fishing guides, private boaters, rafter, kayakers, inner tuber’s and SUP users!


Rates Range from $35.00- $65.00

Depending on the stretch of river you wish to float.

Call 970-379-3966


Simply call us and let us know which boat ramp you will be “putting in” at and “taking out” at, the times you will be putting in and taking out, and a few more specific details and we will safely transport and deliver your vehicle and trailer while you are out enjoying a gorgeous float down the river! We appreciate at least a 4 hour minimum time to pick up and deliver your vehicle, but in most cases we can accommodate shorter floats if we will already be in the area that you are floating. Charm has a ton of knowledge about the area, river flows and conditions, what sections are fishing well and where the least crowded sections will be for the day. Keep in mind that we are happy to share this information and can make your stay in the area fun and exciting. We appreciate a 24 hour notice for shuttles but can accommodate last minute bookings on most days! Call the night before for directions to boat ramps and more useful information. We are usually extremely busy on the phones in the mornings for obvious reasons!


Our river shuttles generally run between $35.00- $65.00 depending on the stretch of river you wish to float and have your vehicle picked up from and delivered to. Considering the time, gas and energy it takes to do your own shuttle with two vehicles, we feel confident that our shuttle pricing is fair and reasonable. Once you split the small fee with a few other people in your group, it’s next to nothing and well worth it! Leave your second vehicle at home, pack up one vehicle , head straight to the river and go have fun! Charm Shuttles is reliable and you will be thrilled to find your vehicle and trailer waiting for you at the other end! Why hassle with leaving your family at the ramp to wait while you move the truck and trailer with a second vehicle? Who wants to waste precious river time hitchhiking back to the vehicle and trailer? I know we like to enjoy every minute out there! Rest, relax and have fun. Get out and enjoy yourself. Treat yourself to Charm Shuttles!


On the Roaring Fork River, we provide shuttle service to and from the following boat ramps: Fisherman’s Park in Basalt, Hooks Bridge, Catherine’s Store, Carbondale Boat Ramp, West Bank Boat Ramp, and Two Rivers Park.

On the Colorado River, we provide shuttle service from the following boat ramps: Two Rivers Park, South Canyon Bridge, New Castle, Silt and Rifle boat ramps.

Please note: All or part of this operation is conducted on Public Lands under special permit from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.

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